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What if The AU versions of the horseman have diffrent names than the "normal" horseman? It would (sort of) work for the AU Death, since she's not really into killing. If you'd look at the personalities most AU horseman would get diffrend names.

War            -AU would be "Horseman destruction" (not usefull? destroy it -_-)
Pestilence   -AU would be "Horseman Overprotective" (as in, too protective to let you eat and sleep >_>)
Famine       -AU would be "Horseman gluttony" (eat too much and you'll die as well~!)(this is actually the opposite of what he's supposed to do >_>)
Death         -AU would be "Horseman corruption" (no comment)

But that also counts for the normal horseman, i mean, think about it.....

War            -should be (when looking at personality) "Horseman darkest savior" (always trying to save little animals and human children because "they are innocent and shouldn't ever have to go trough this" (he doesn't realise he's traumatising them XD)
Pestilence   -should be (when looking at personality) "Horseman hate" (that's the thing driving him, and it's making him stronger)
Famine       -should be (when looking at personality) "Practical Horseman" (he cooks, he cleans, AND reads ancient scrolls)
Death         -should be (when looking at personality) "Horseman screw-the-rules-i-have-giant-scissors" (no comment again)

So for short: glad they're not like that :)


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admin account: Danathekitsune
i've died during a fire, but something (or someone) seemed to like/hate me, so he/she/it turned me and 3 of my friends into "the horseman of the apocalypse"

you can ask the other horseman (war, famine and Pestilence) too if you want, and your question will be answeard

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*injects pestilence with g-virus
kaloeha Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2014
baby Death, do you have any fancy clothing?
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Kory here, I came here to inform you of a new account I have
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Famine~! it's time to breastfeed the babies~!
kaloeha Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2013

aside from you everyone is a baby now for 10 questions
you mad?
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