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tribal thing
After by Ask-horseman-Death
can be a character, animal, or thing.... Just note me before commissioning me~!



Admin here

Sorry for the lack of activity, but I'm currently in an istitution, and i will remain there until the end of february next year. In here I get a lof of therapy (like that'll save me ewe) and time for my own.

In this time I came up with a bunch of theories concerning the horseman (and Reaper), some which might confuse you, some which may not confuse you. In this journal I'll be discussing three topics: What if the horsemen were tied to a sin, Why each horsemen has the element they have and what Reaper's purpose is on this profile.

Now, before I start I want to make something clear to everyone out there:I can write about a million ways on how I'd personally think this would fit, but the following is centered around how I formed the characters on this profile to be, not on any other thing. I was not following one line of religion either when creating Death, War, Pestilence and Famine. The way I interprent the horsemen is my own and is formed by my own imagination and by what i've read and seen. You may think diffrendly of them, but I guess if you can state that NORMALLY I am willing to listen. It does not mean anything will change in the horsemen's design/personality unless something happends and I make up an event in which things are altered.

Horsemen and sins:
When looking at the dark side of religion, you will quickly find the seven sins (greed, envy, sloth, pride, wrath, lust and gluttony). When you look at the horsemen portrayed the way I did up until now you can guess where this is going....
HOWEVER! My view on the horsemen and the way how they act is diffrend from the typical "war & death are wrath, famine is greed and Pestilence is multiple things" (so many people think like that over here, it's not even funny anymore). In my oppinion, and when looking at the personality of the horsemen on this account War would be tied to envy, Death would be like Pride, Famine would be greed (the only one I actually agree on when talking to others) and Pestilence would be tied to sloth. 

War's basically continuesly striving to be stronger than anyone, and is known to be extremely pissed whenever someone OUTSIDE of the other four he's supposed to be with defeats him. This comes from his life as a human. If you didn't get it yet: War has two older brothers, which were in certain ways more successful than he was. Envy is 'sorror from other's fortune', and War was VERY displeased with the successes both his brothers seemed to get. 

Death deems herself to be the strongest, and will head into any challenge head first. She's not extremely strategical, and at times she can just be deemed foolish, but no way she will let anyone talk shit about her. She has a lot of pride, to the point where it can trigger others to be annoyed (but she likes pissing people off and taunting them, so I guess that works for her....?)

Famine and greed seem to be a good match, and I guess I can tell you why by telling of the world we live in: The rich have everything, the poor die of starvation. You'll need money to get food and other things needed to live, so without it you have to rely on more primitive ways to feed yourself and your family, which is often dangerous.

Pestilence doesn't give a frick, and sloth is also the sin of apathy. Not only does Pestilence rarely act out, he also doesn't even WANT to care for anyone. He willingly pushes away any caring feeling away, and makes sure to stay 'apathetic', only breaking trough that to express he's pissed before becoming apathetic again. 

Elemental horsemen
If you have seen the following thing~> After by Ask-horseman-Death you will know who is what element, but for those who haven't:

War                        fire
Death                air
Famine                   earth
Pestilence               water

War and Famine should be obvious choices, but Death and Pestilence can be discussed. Here are my arguments on why Death would be air and Pestilence should be water.

I see Death as unpredictable beause she is easily distracted. Unless someone directly challenges her or calls for her attention she just chases random people and enjoys lurking near someone, waiting for them to act out. But as much as she likes doing this, when something (or someone) else catches her attention she goes straight for them. This unpredictability can be compared to air, and every living being on land needs air in order to proceed being alive. Even some water creatures need to come up occasionally for air. No air = no life.

Pestilence on the other hand can spread his diseases the easiest trough water. Many people fall ill every day due to drinking polluted water. It's not that common in wealthy countries, but in poor countries safe water is a big issue. Water is also needed to live, and is just as important (or even more important!) as food. No water = no chance at life. 

I hope you understood my rambling and I hope this makes up for the lack of activity. Please ask a question if you want to get more activity on this DA. The last question has been asked on March 17, 2014, and over a year of no questions is TOO DANM LONG!

See you in the next journal


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admin account: AestheticTotem
i've died during a fire, but something (or someone) seemed to like/hate me, so he/she/it turned me and 3 of my friends into "the horseman of the apocalypse"

you can ask the other horseman (war, famine and Pestilence) too if you want, and your question will be answeard

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